⭐ County Wide RP| vMenu | Hiring LEO-Staff-Fire/EMS | BCSO Opening Soon! | SA Based | NA+EU+ Streamer Friendly| 60+ Add on cars

County Wide Roleplay
What is County Wide Roleplay?
County Wide Roleplay is a public FiveM vMenu based server. This is a new server that has vast amounts of potential with experienced players within it. If you’re into the enveloped RP experience, feel free to join and have a good time!

Server will be released to public this week! Come join early and get a great position with an awesome server.

We have various departments, including:

  • San Andreas State Troopers :police_car:
  • Fire Department :fire_engine:
  • EMS :ambulance:
  • and much more coming!

What are we looking for

  • San Andreas Fire/EMS Dept
  • Department High Command
  • Staff Members
  • Civilians
  • Law Enforcement Officers (Sub Division Heads, HC)

What Makes Stream Line RP Unique?

  • Custom EUP and Liveries
  • Stress free relaxed environment
  • An amazing, diverse, kind staff that treats situations fairly
  • Developers that actively add/create new resources
  • Mature and professional leadership

Server Information

Click Here


Getting ready for official launch on Thursday April 22, Join us today and build a great community. Still need LEO/STAFF/FIRE/EMS


Really good server mature staff, Looks awesome can’t wait for the release!


Official Launch in 2 days!

Still hiring LEO/Staff/Fire-EMS. Come join a great community and see what we have to offer you won’t be disappointed.


Official Launch is tomorrow 4/22 at 5pm EST. Come join us early and join a department, we still need LEO/EMS and hiring staff soon.


Our server will be live and officially be launched at 5pm EST !

Come check out our discord and server from the links below. We are Still in need of Staff, LEO, EMS and Members.


FiveM Server
Press F8 while in FiveM. Copy and paste the text below and hit enter, to join the server.
connect cfx.re/join/6I7qbd or search us by typing in County Wide.


Come join and check out a great up and coming community. We offer great RP experience with a chill relaxed environment. The server is ran and managed by mature individuals with great experience.

Almost 300 members strong! Come join LEO/EMS/STAFF

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Come check out our community and see what we have to offer! Some great RP, Relaxed environment, and serious RP

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Still in need of LEO, Fire/EMS and Staff. Relaxed FiveM community, no BS and serious RP. Stop by and give us a shot!

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Almost to 400 members! It’s been an awesome start, feel free to come check out our server. we are still hiring LEO (SAST, BCSO opening soon) Hiring for Staff and there plenty of room for lateral movement.

What’s CWRP?

We are a vMenu based FiveM Roleplay server. Based out of San Andreas, our AOPs very from county, city and much more. We offer over 60 add on cars for anyone to use. We currently have EUP for all depts and custom liveries as well as many awesome vehicles. We hope to be opening BCSO soon and we need some more LEOs. We are a laid back community who enjoys good RP while still having a good time.

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BCSO Opening and hiring soon! Still hiring SAST/STAFF/FIRE-EMS come check out what we have to offer.

SADOT Coming Soon! Come check out our community and see what we have to offer discord.gg/cwrp

BCSO will be launching within the next few days! We are gonna need some great LEOs to join and help build an awesome department. Think you have what it takes? Come check us out