'Could not load cef_extensions.pak' in Debug, prevents launch

GTA V version?
Up to date? Yes
Legit or Pirate copy? Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club? Cd (Retail) Version
Windows version? Windoes 10 Pro, version 1607
Error screenshot: https://puu.sh/rNnvO/66de3936d9.png
GTA V folder screenshot: https://puu.sh/rNnxS/382db77164.png
FiveReborn client folder screenshot: https://puu.sh/rNnBm/93f3be006d.png
CitizinFX.log: http://pastebin.com/AN0b5NBQ

I get to the FiveReborn loading screen (Not the menu screen) but when that disappears,nothing loads.

@ItsFozzy Strange. I have the same error on my log all the time but the game still works without problem. So maybe your issue is something elseā€¦- :frowning: