Could not find dependency es_extended for resource esx need help

I need help with this problem I’m getting right now, Look… If anyone could help me that could be great

you need to have es_extended in your resource folder

and not in my esx folder??

esx folder? umm not sure how you have it setup. It should be in the resource folder

yea so i have a resource folder and i have mutliple of folder going to different things and i have one folder called esx and its in there

does it have [] around it?



and thats the folder and how it looks like

yea around resources

show me whats inside this

wait a min i just read this back you are missing GitHub - brouznouf/fivem-mysql-async: MySql Async Library for FiveM download this and rename it to mysql-async

a picture of what??

i have it, cause i just put it in the esx folder and its named “fivem-mysql-async”… so do i need to changed it to “mysql-async”??


yes change it to mysql-async

ok what abt the es_extended folder?? cause that folder and the mysql-async folder are in the esx folder

doesnt matter tell me if it works

Did you fix this or do you still need help?

he used up all of his daily replies gotta wait 24hrs