Could not connect to server provider

when i join a server, the message “Could not connect to server provider” i have try to uninstall it etc but it doing it again :confused: please help me!

Hi avatzboii,
This happens because the server is full and rejects your attempt to connect to the server so it tells you this, try and go on servers that have less than 24 people and this issue should be fixed

happens to me too sometimes on my server (never full, always under 10 peop)
I usualy cleen my cache (with CCleaner or anything) and retry, then it works. I think sometimes when you crash or leave, the server don’t realize it right away, and think you are still on so you can’t join twice with a same account.

This happend to me too i get the message “Could not connect to session provier” and ive tried re-installing and deleting cache but nothing works. i tried CCleaner but it didnt work. and right before i get the message the GTA V loading screen pops up

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Look at the date…