Could not bind - is this address valid or in use?”

could not bind - is this address valid or in use?”

You have 2 servers running on the same ip:port. Change the port if you are running 2 servers on the same VPS / Dedi.

I never use it. …

hm… Are you sure you don’t have it started twice?

Can you help me?..


I am not gonna do it for you. I told you what was wrong with it. You are more then likely using 30120 already… Change your port or something.

Help me through TeamViewer

Hell no. I am not connecting to you or letting you connect to me. I don’t know you.

I told you what is wrong with it. Now fix it. If you don’t fix it that’s on you.

I will say it again… Change your server port or stop running duplicate servers.


How to fix it?..

I’m done. Your on your own. You have no idea what you are doing. Stick to playing FiveM.

Can’t help someone that can’t help themselves. I have told you 3 times now how to fix it and you have chose to ignore it.

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Thank you very much …

Still can not solve the problem…

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Change the first two lines in your server.cfg file to bind the server to a different port. If this is confusing you, like @xander1998 said, stick to playing and not hosting. FiveM is not a plug and play server, it takes knowledge and constant maintenance.

The lines look like this. Change 30120 to a different port number.

endpoint_add_tcp "[::]:30120"
endpoint_add_udp "[::]:30120"
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Still can not solve the problem…

Sounds like my second option is perfect then!

Can not create character…

is that the error you get in the console or when you try to connect, also just google your problem there’s probs a vid on yt about it.

I imagine in the 7 months that has passed since this topic was created, the OP solved it.

Yeh, but now were here to help others and not just OP. As other may have the same problem and require more help.

I have just downloaded the first save data and the artifacts server that has been reported like this will fix it