Could be great! It once was

The server is very crim based. Police have very harsh OOC restrictions placed on them to allow crims to have a higher chance to escape. It is almost frawned upon when you catch criminals. If you don’t conform to the agenda of the staff overseeing the Police then you a removed from the Police with no roleplay invloved, they just remove perms in-game and remotely remove all items. Everyone is rich, armed, and drive Hypercars, so the economy is a mess. The server is overrun with young teenage lads who complain to staff whenever caught by PD or any sort of situation does not go the way they want. It is not roleplay to these people, they get legit upset when they lose some pretned money and will abuse you for it. Gangs are LARGE, and pretty much anyone can join and create them, which menas EVERYONE is in a gang, which creates a very hostile server, you will get abused and killed a lot. This style of server seems to appeal the most now to FiveM players since RP blew up on Twitch. So if you want to have guns, cars, and join a gang all with minimal RP and a police department tied down then this server is perfect for you. If you want a balance of Police, crims, econmy and hostility then I suggest you go elseware.

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