corrupt staff and shit server

i was playing in the city normally an a random staff spawns a bus and asked everyone if they wanted to break rules just get on the bus and the staff would take us to rule breaker island. where you can break rules. about 10 people got on and went there with staff than the staff left. about 2 mins later a differant staff tp to the island and killed everyone like normal and when i killed the staff he just used staff powers and revived himself however when i self healed he had a cry and kicked me out of the server. i joined back and said thats sad and said the staff is corrupt and has an ego. i than teleported away and continued to RP but the staff telelported me back an froze me and said he would perma ban me. i explained that he nerver said it was a staff situation but he banned me. that is just 1 corrupt situation with a gov there are countless more. this is by far the worst server there is. majority of the staff are corrupt.

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