🚗 Core Vehicle - Realistic Vehicle (Mileage, Nitro, Check Engine, Low Oil, Custom Engine Sounds,)

is there a way to move the Check engine, Low oil, Mileage location on screen to another location

There sure is! What is your ticket so i could see how we didnt provide support ?

Yes in config

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Can you explain how, I tried to do it and nothing changed

The ticket has been closed without a response

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which one ? i do not delete them

Contact us on d c

can you use multiple mech shops with this?

Yes you can

This script is also effecting boats and aircraft - They are randomly having engine failure very quickly. Is there a way to make this script only work on actual cars?

Was the boats and airplanes being effected by engine degrading fixed in an update?

wow so cool

Yeah resmon is so high

good job

When driving or always ?