🚗 Core Vehicle - Realistic Vehicle (Mileage, Manual, Nitro, Check Engine, Low Oil, Custom Engine Sounds,)

Ayy, let me tell ya ‘bout dis Core Vehicle script, fam! Been usin’ it like crazy and lovin’ every minute of it! Wit’ dat mileage tracker, manual transmission, nitro boost, check engine warnings, low oil alerts, and custom engine sounds, it’s takin’ da ride game to a whole new level. Big shoutout to da developer for droppin’ dis gem, keepin’ it real and fresh on da streets!

nice top

Nice Vehicle Script i like the UI

Very nice script, using it for a long time now. My mechanics and players love the way of realism the script brings + the new features :smiley: Keep on

Awesome script !
Really complete, easy to use, and realistic !
Definitely recommend !

Good script!

I like this script!

great script! my mechanics love it :smile:

the best mechanic script