🏪 Core Stores [QB/ESX] - Create any store with robbable cash registers (Basket system, Modern UI, Minigame, Store key)

I like this script it has been written very well and it is very good!

Good work!

I can’t say enough good things about this script. It’s clear that the developer has a knack for creating impactful solutions.

Alright, listen up, the Core Stores script is changing the game, fam! It’s all about crafting any kind of store you can imagine, complete with robbable cash registers for that extra thrill. Featuring a Basket system, sleek Modern UI, engaging Minigame, and even a Store key, it’s like building your own shopping empire. Big props to the developer for dropping this gem, making server life more vibrant and dynamic!

the best store script i never seen before on the market great work

Nice Work like the UI

Love it! Nice UI

the best we’ve used so far, I can’t wait to finish configuring the inventory to use it too, these scripts are amazing, the best purchase we’ve made.

This is a beautiful and fantastic store script and system. The developer is fairly friendly and support is usually done in haste. I’d recommend this resource

Beautiful ! :wink: Very good script !

Interesting <3