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Theres been a lot of new things being worked on and added into the city!

You can try and beat your friends at some plasmatron!

Or check out the new catalog of the recent cars added to Ghost City Automotives.

If your car gets a little damaged, you can bring it to the new Hayes to get fixed to perfection.


You won’t want to miss the newest renovations to Legion Square!

Secrets within the park await!

Looking to buy a fancy Bugatti? Look no further!

Just enjoying a nice fall thunderstorm at the hub!

Join today and discover a new place to call home!


Always fun to drift wtih friends!

Or be the king of your own empire!

Some people also like to attempt to win money but lose.

And some even go bankrupt from it

Whatever you there is always a place for you on Core!

Join Today!


We have all types of player owned businesses, and adventures to be had. And if you can think of an business idea you can put it into fruition.


Criminals have a lot of opportunities to make some decent money, so long as they are careful and don’t get over their heads.
One way to make money is by finding a bank truck

Sometimes it can seem easy and you get away with the cash

Sometimes you can make it too obvious and then the Troopers get involved

Then you need to make the tough decision to get out or risk it all, and your choice can be your downfall


Some new foraging locations recently popped up around the county, perfect for those people needing some extra snacks(?)! :plate_with_cutlery:

There’s the wild cannabis, the best source for all your medicinal or recreational needs :smoking:

You can also find a variety of mushrooms in the mountains, some for cooking, some for a fun time, and some that you probably don’t want to eat :mushroom:


Looking for a new home for your gang? We now have a territory system! Take over your zones and claim protection money!

Not only do we have a new territory system, but also revamped drug selling activities! Join today to learn more and become a drug lord!

Drugs and gangs not for you? There are plenty of player owned businesses to earn money!

Maybe one day you’ll earn enough to own one of these sick imports! See you soon!


Yesterday we got some really cool winter vehicles to have fun with during the snowy season!

Not only that but we also got snowboard and much more!
Join today to check it out and have fun in the snow :snowflake: :gift:

Keep your eyes open for something or maybe someone might be on Santa’s naughty list! :eyes:


Winter has arrived so get your jackets on!

Even though it’s snowing, staying sharp and working on businesses never stops

But whatever the weather SASP are around and always watching


Something is going down at Grapeseed.

SASP is on the case and it seems like it could lead to something interesting.

Although, maybe not everything is as it seems. Danger could be anywhere.


The snow is bringing some interesting events. Both returning ideas and new ones, the slippery roads are causing people to learn to adapt fast. :cloud_with_snow:

Even if using the snow in this way isn’t your style, you can always find what you enjoy most about it :camera_flash:


One Man. Running a scene all by himself.

That scene is called Street Racing.

Here in the snowy city of Los Santos