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Just taking a little time to share some pictures taken by the community recently! (And one of my own because it’s me so i just have to)

We have some chaos at Auto Exotics :fire:

A car meet hosted at the Hub where everyone got to show off their new(?) vehicles :red_car:

The worst sight to see when decorating your house… and of course this had to be my sight… :fish:

Finally we have a big change for someone with them joining the Lost MC! :motorcycle:


Going to share some awesome photos taken by people apart of the community! A lot has been happening here in Core!

Lost MC Showing Respect to their Vice President at his Death Sentence Appeal

DW Gun Range being used by the Citizens of Los Santos

Sometimes It’s good to get your friends and take a night to relaxing


Never seems to be a dull moment at Core. There is and will always be something going on. That’s why Core is my home. It’s an amazing community so stop by and grab a beer or 2.

There’s been a murder!

Preparing for that underground racing scene.

Troopers are always ready for anything. Including arresting those donuts.


Core Roleplay will forever be my Home. Ive met some of the best people here and have so much fun whether it be chilling at one of the many businesses we have.

Or Being on duty and protecting the citizens,

or even just chilling and having random dance party’s with friends,

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Come see where your experience will take you!