💼 Core Multiple Jobs - Job center, Multi Job, Optimized, Amazing UI

This script is a game-changer for any role-playing enthusiast. Its interactive UI, automatic job additions, location management, default jobs, and salary features come together to create an experience that’s second to none. If you’re serious about enhancing your role-play server, this script is a must-have.

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This script was one of the first i implemented on my server once i knew that i wanted my players to be able to have and switch several jobs.
I’ve never regretted it in the past 3 years i’ve used it :slight_smile:

Good Multi Job

I like this script it has been written very well and it is very easy for beginners !!!

[script:core_multijob] > rawQuery (@oxmysql/dist/build.js:25047)
[script:core_multijob] > runMicrotasks (:0)
[script:core_multijob] > processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96)
[script:kd_custom-nat] SCRIPT ERROR: ?:-1: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘getPlayerID’)
[script:core_multijob] SCRIPT ERROR: @core_multijob/server/main.lua:122: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘targetPlayer’

very nice script! very good support 5/5

I’ve been using this script for a long time, it fix’s a lot of problem’s that other servers tend to have with allowing players to be multi-facetted and not ONLY a mechanic or gang member and nothing else.

Convenient and easy to use, it helps a lot to quickly manage between jobs

Good script idea!

I’m thoroughly impressed by the seamless integration and flawless execution of this script. A true masterpiece.

:loudspeaker: ADDED QB VERSION

  • The original Multiple Job system is now available for QBCore users also. This has been a long awaited addition!!

Yo, dis Core Multiple Jobs script be da real MVP, fam! It’s like da ultimate hustle tool wit’ dat Job Center, Multi Job support, and smooth performance. Plus, dat UI? It’s on point! Big props to da developer for bringin’ da heat, keepin’ da grind fresh and fly for all da players out there!