🏷️ Core Job Utils - Boss Menu with permissions and bonuses, Clean Job Center UI with descriptions

This script pairs perfectly with your Multi-job script to cover all possible bases for a job system, very easy to setup new jobs and has all the functionality one would need in a boss menu.


Nice job system

What can I say I’ve owned this for 2 years now and still wouldn’t change lol keep up the good work need to get core gangs to finish my city

Absolutely phenomenal! This script demonstrates a deep understanding of user needs and exceeds them at every turn.

Yo, peep dis Core Job Utils script, it’s straight fire! Boss Menu’s got all da permissions and bonuses locked in, while da Job Center UI’s clean AF with detailed descriptions. Big shoutout to da developer for bringin’ dis clutch tool to the table, keepin’ da grind smooth for all da players!

Clean UI and easy to use! We started using it and wont use any other script for our jobs!

Good Script clean ui!

Nice Job men! I love it


Nice :wink:

Script is poorly made, there are many vurnabilities like for example executors or even nui devtools can use the boss menu

// example of using nui devtools to hire yourself
const job = 'police'
const playerId = 1

$.post('https://core_jobutilities/hire', JSON.stringify({job: job, id: playerId}))