♾️ Core Inventory [QB/ESX] - Advanced grid-based Inventory

Your account has no inventory bought! Also it does work with newest qbcore the installation requires an addicional step defined in our docs page.

@DeivisMac2 I agree with this guy I just paid Core_inventory 71 euros, no assistance on discord. I opened a ticket but nothing … I’ll stay there waiting for years. I advise you not to waste your money, really bad experience. I bought under the name of Sylouis look for me and also tell me that I am not an unverified purchase -.- -.- .-.-

Your time perception is flawed. But you are not the first one…

Im the owner. I dont use my personal fivem account for my city.

Nice deflect.

If you spent more time on giving support than being on here, it would be much appreciated.

Support ticket id ?

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@DeivisMac2 any update/news regarding the give items function integration?

Comming out today along with discovery and other features :slight_smile:

obviously, oh right not to be the first.

today coming out the upgrade or what?


  • Discover items
  • Put items in backpacks by dragging
  • Give feature with synced animations
  • Open looting inventory with custom loot tables
  • Fixed updateMetadata export
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fixed giving of unstackable item sometimes