♾️ Core Inventory [QB/ESX] - Advanced grid-based Inventory

I’m thoroughly impressed by the ingenuity and sophistication of this script. It’s truly a work of art.

its the best inventory script i never seen before (its my best purchase)

Amazing scripts!

The inventory is one of the best I’ve bought so far with a lot of options

Rly nice to see a tarkov like inventory in GTA. Love it

Check it, this Core Inventory script is off the charts, fam! With its advanced grid-based layout, managing your gear is a breeze. Big ups to the developer for bringing this game-changer to the table, making inventory handling smooth as silk!

it’s the best inventory script i never seen before on the market great work

ich liebe eure scripts

Nice Inventory i love it!!

Nice Inventory!!!

We are only using the stores one while configuring this one for a future update of the city, but just from testing during the configuration we are already in love with them, best purchases we made for the city.

wait new rp server e Core inventory ashtese nakeeeeee !

LE-GEN-DA-RY. This is amazing

literally the best inventory :grin:

I like that!

Nice script :wink:

Looks amazing!
Bought, and will try at the WE.

really… pleaaase dont buy this…

this inventory has gamebreaking bugs und the devs wont fix the bugs… they even can’t reproduce this…
the only problem is… this i just a 1-liner with his exports… so no code from us which can make some trouble…

we tested it on 5 freshly new servers… and every time the same bug…

i have a open ticket since 14.04.2024…
i provided him a video…

and all i got was a timeout… hahahaha xDD

okay… to specify this… i got a timeout bcs of tagging him…
but he tagged us first and so did we since the ticket was opened… xDD


so please dont buy this… it’s wasted money…
maybe i should send tebex a email about this seller… O.o

anyone who want’s to try the code…

ESX.RegisterCommand('canc', 'admin', function(xPlayer, args, showError)
    inventory = 'content-' .. xPlayer.identifier:gsub(":", "")
    print(exports['core_inventory']:canCarry(inventory, 'cash', args.amount))
end, true, {help = 'Can User carry money?', arguments = {{name = 'amount', help = 'Amount of money to check', type='number'}}})

run this command and see how your money magically increases (at least 1 stack need space for more)

here is my video i send him…

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Glad to see you found the post and enjoy the comments section.
The ping rules is explained in the first message of the ticket, yes we ping customers because without this they forget and never answer. This rule does not apply to us. So yes you have been time out for that and not for providing example in your ticket.

We told you that we are working on an update and you probably don’t understand that even after we said it multiple times.

I wait 1 month without any news from you and your team member and you just come back just a week ago with your video (at least and some insult but it’s normal when you are a customer you can insult staff and work of the staff member, i’m right ?).

This problem is already fixed and will be included in the next update (coming next week as we already told you, but you don’t speak about this too since is simple to just put some information instead of ALL the informations).

Lots of game-breaking bugs ? That the only thing you have report since others come from custom code you did on your own ? You don’t talk about that :slight_smile:
Because yes, money as item is custom code since it’s not handled by the inventory by default.
I know that the canCarry problem can come to every item but we already answered about this and I won"t explain another time.

Anyway thanks for your feedback and I hope you will install the next update as quickly as you wrote this message.
Have a nice day :infinity:

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