🗺️ Core Hud - Oval radar/map, Clean design, Use stress or voice or id

Try to go in the GTA settings and in Display you should see a minimap setting.
If its on extended map set it to default.

i have that off just when i used this script it became that big

If you have, you can check your vmenu settings. I think under misc you also find a big map setting

Yeah I don’t use vmenu I just got scammed

It might be other script or i have one solution that might help but you need to make a ticket and wait for support :slight_smile:

Try to disable your custom loadingscreen ;). I had do make my own experience with it ^^.

Mumble not looking like working… the buble stay at the position we set in the server… but why ?
Like whats the point to set up the % if i want use mumble and press z and see the intensity in this buble ? Mumble is turned on in the core hud script

You need to add exports to mumble-voip script i can help in dc

I wrot you a private message

can you change the colour of the hud
if so how?

pma-voice doesn’t have exports for the talking range, they use events for the talking range.

you can add hud’s exports to the pma-voice script itself

Oh, alright. I have no clue how to do that. I have created a ticket in the dsc for support.

DO NOT buy ANY Core scripts. They look great but are completely broken across the board and their support is worse than bad. We bought 6 of their scripts and even basic questions go unanswered for months. Stay as far away from these guys as you can.

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Send proof of us ignoring you and scripts being broken

Is there any possibility to change the location of the hud, I would like to move it more left so it sits in the left bottom corner but I can’t find it any were in the css.css file.

how would u set thijs to work with pma voice