Cooley roleplay

We just did a HUGE zombie outbreak with a server over 100 players! It was super fun!
Join our discord server and find some good pictures of the zombie outbreak!

Due to some recent issues relating individuals, the server was turned off for a few days, but we shall return on the 24th.

Did you know that our servers just got a huge machine upgrade! Yes, that’s true! Players already said that it’s faster to load addon vehicles and not as much texture loss anymore! Amazing!!

Since discord and FiveM are back together with that discord identifier finder, we can finally fix our discord permission scripts and get back to using the amazing discord! :heart: Thanks FiveM and Discord for resolving the issue!

Really good server, would 100% recommend, alot of custom shit, really organized, come join the server

Server been doing AMAZING, gotten 1200 members and it’s still growing! :heart:

Gretings! We just added nearly every suggested suggestion into the server and it’s published! Check it outz!!!

Just watch

hey would i be able to get tristens email if you still look at this
it’s me scooby goober

u can dm him on discord:

can someone send me an invite to the discord server? my discord account got disabled for some reason and I wanna join from my new account

Bump! We are now SoC!

Join now!

Bump | We are in early development!


Still discord link is expired