Contagious RP | 18+ Whitelist

Contagious RP is a growing FiveM roleplay server built on the foundations of community, inclusivity, and quality interactions. We are an 18+ allow-listed server focused on providing content and immersion to create a community like no other! Our goal is your dreams.

We are looking for new members interested in creating unique and fun roleplay experiences.


Application: Whitelist Application - Contagious Roleplay

Discord: Contagious RP | 2.0 Whitelisted

:tada: | What we have to offer:

  • Friendly and Active Staff

  • Growing Community

  • Long last Roleplay

  • Whitelisted Jobs (EMS, PD, DOJ & More!)

  • Player-Owned Businesses

  • Automated EMS (when EMS isn’t online)

  • Custom and Imported Cars

  • Male and Female Custom Clothing

  • Starter Apartment

  • In-depth Drug Systems

  • Progressive Heist System

  • Upcoming Criminal Activities

  • [NEW] Car Boosting

  • [NEW] Updated Truck Robbery

:oncoming_police_car: | Departments

  • Los Santos Police Department

  • Emergency Services

  • Real Estate

  • Mechanics

:fire_engine: | Subdivisions

  • K9 Unit

  • Drug Unit

  • Detective

  • SWAT

  • And many more!

Join Today for a automatic whitelist!

Join this weekend for Automatic Whitelist! Stay tuned for weekend even details!


:rotating_light: | Actively Recruiting

  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Department of Justice
  • Active Gangs

Seasons greetings members of CRP! We are getting closer to Christmas finally! Lets get into the winter holidays with a fun event happening this Sunday! 9:00 PM EST

Let there be snow​:snowflake: ! Where there is snow, there is snowball fights, the CRP Snowball Battle Royal will commence at legion square this Sunday! All participants will be equipped with an unique item! Snowballs :rock: (May have rocks on the inside) Be the last one standing to win amazing prizes! See you all at legion square and prepare to dress warm a snow storm is brewing.:cold_face:


-CRP Staff Team :blue_heart:

Automatic Whitelist Status is still in effect! Join us tonight in city at 6PM EST for Gears Dropped: a night of cars, racing, and more!

Join us tonight at 9PM EST for a Snowball Fight Battle Royale!