Construction Legion Square

I Build a Construction at the Legion Square

you can show it at Construction - YouTube

Go to my TebexStore: Spreisslinger | Welcome (

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Support Yes

Fill that template.

please just no … your charging 12.00 EUR for this … please what has this community came too … please can we just go back to where we could only release FREE stuff … people are out of there mind

… also ngl the youtube video was kinda pissing me off lol … just make a simple video dont need to hide the fact your asking 12.00 EUR for a ymap behind a fancy looking video (which didnt look fancy at all)


what… what is this video. i cant

i know right lol a 0.43 video but damn i felt like it lasted 30 minutes lol


do you need attention or why do you talk bad about everything? If you don’t like it, just leave my ad

the comment section is for feedback … im providing you feedback … it isnt my fault you dont like the feedback im giving … news flash not all feedback is going to be good bro … your posting a ymap for sale where 1000s of people will see it you need to expect some negative feedback. if you dont like negative feedback maybe posting on a forum page where 1000s of people can see isnt for you :confused:

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I’ll gladly accept your feedback and have adjusted the price. everyone can pay whatever they want. only you have to understand that there is work in it.

i understand that but the thing is NOone as ever said i want a “constuction site at legion” which means you done this on your ownback lol

that’s right. If you like it, you can buy it for how much you want, if not then it’s okay.

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In my honest opinion, he could even put it up for sale at 100$ no one had to comment on such a thing. The owner is the one who knows what to do with the script, if he wants to put it free or pay. Who wants to buys who doesn’t, see another topic :smiley:

No one ever said “hey, come give me horrible feedback and tell me what I should do”. But here ya are, being that person. Just because you don’t like or want it, doesn’t mean thousands of other people agree with you. You only speak for yourself, which from how you talk, i can tell your opinion doesn’t get taken into consideration much.


Since SOME comments are as useless at giving any form of criticism and feedback as per usual on fivem (depends on the case personally). Can you recreate the video that you made? And show some screenshots so that we can understand exactly what’s going on with a description. Because It’s very hard to see what is going on. I understand the theme is construction but we can barely see it.

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