Connection problems on server owner only [SOLVED]

I have a weird issue that i can not figure out.
I have installed a FiveM server and I have setup the server.cfg file.
The server starts up without any problems at all.
My friends are able to connect to the server, step into each others car en play together.

Now the weird things is that I - the server owner am unable to
step into the car of the players (character hangs). The players “can” see me
on the map but they can not see me walking, for them i seem to be standing still.
Every so many seconds they see the update and my new position.
Also i am the ONLY one that receives the “Connection Interrupted” message.

I am completely flabbergasted about the fact that all players have no issues
playing the server, they can play together and see each other, but i am the
only one that has this issue.

I am how ever connected via my public IP address and port, because
the server is not yet listed on the server list. All players that are helping
me to test the server are also connected via my public IP Address.

The server is brand new and no plugins are installed.
The only thing i have done after installment is setting my licence key in the settings.cfg file.
For the rest is everything default.

  • I own a own server and it is self hosted at home.
  • The server is on the C drive under the folder “_Server”
  • The server runs over a clean windows 10 pro version.
  • The server runs on a i7 processor with 16 gigs or ram.
  • The crashes folder is empty, no errors, no crashes.
  • GTA V is upgraded to the latest version on steam (game PC)
  • GTA V and steam are not installed on the server PC.
  • My server CFG file.
  • My server Setup Pictures:

Does anyone know what this issue could be ?
Many thanks for the help and your time.
It is much appreciated.

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how exactly are you connecting to the server?

Thanks for that question, it gave me an idea. i was connecting via my public ip adress as my main pc is not the server. I have logged in now with the local direct IP address and the issue is fixed.
Normally on game servers i always login like everyone else, seems FiveM does not like that and i had to connect directly on my local address. Now i am able to play with them :wink:
Thanks buddy

Yeah was gunna suggest that, glad it works.

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