Connection interrupted problem (OneSync inf)


Using canary? no


Operating system: win10
Artifact version: 2807


Summary: When someone’s connection gets interrupted, and they see this red message on the screen, their connection starts to break. After the connection retrieves, they see everyone as AFK, and when someone is entering their scope, they don’t see this as well. The only way to fix that is to reconnect (quit the game and come back).
Expected behavior: When the connection retrieves, it should get the players’ information as it was before the connection interrupted message.
Actual behavior: When the connection retrieves, it stops getting information about everyone, they can’t see anybody moves, enter their scope, leave their scope, and if they are the owner of a vehicle, no one can’t enter this vehicle anymore.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter a server, get your connection interrupted somehow (by disabling your connection to 1 second, or the server connection).
  2. Retrieve the connection.

Fixed with this commit. :slight_smile:

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in the commit the main folder is fivem and i dont have this folder in my server