Confused, beginner to fivem scripting. Please where can i find files used?

I’ve been looking around youtube, these forums and google for tutorials for 3 hours now. I find tutorials that try to explain for beginners. But they all assume that you even know where fivem files are located on my computer.

What I would like to ask is when you join a fivem server and download that servers files, where do those files get saved on my computer? I just want to open up some scripts and start learning how things are implemented.

OR are all files kept server side so the client never downloads these files OR does fivem delete them or something like I have no idea how this works.

So far I’ve found this path: C:\Users\Jake\AppData\Local\FiveM\\cache\servers

I’ve looked into every folder around this path and I can’t figure out where the lua scripts are.

I found a load of files with rpf at the start of their name so I thought I’d download OpenIV which is used to open .rpf files but I don’t think they are .rpf files just have it in the name.


And tons more, just look in the tutorial section. Or if you’d rather reverse engineer, look at some of the resources’ Githubs.

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Okay I did come across that same tutorial and I will try it out. What I still don’t know though is where downloaded files from the multiplayer servers gets saved to the players computer.

I’m fairly certain they are encrypted so people don’t do what your trying to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Those files get saved into your cache folder in the FiveM client folder, but this is unnecessary to do anything with when developing scripts. Everything you do will happen in your server files

Thanks, yeah I understand while developing I will be setting up my own server and running code on there to see results. When I look inside my cache folder though if I click into servers It’s completely blank even though I joined a couple servers. I’m asking because I come from Arma 3 Altis Life scripting and It’s been quite useful for me to learn from. I like to learn how something is coded out of interest.cache