Concrete Jungle RP | Hiring all departments | Hidden Drugs and Black market | Casino | Serious RP | Gangs

Concrete Jungle has a TON to offer to you and your friends! Active Admins, Alternative Eye Tool and more. Concrete Jungle is looking for MORE players to come join us in the City. We are looking to hire in all departments and looking to get more gangs around the city! An economy based server with some really cool features such as:

  • NEW CASINO BlackJack & Slots

  • Hidden blackmarket

  • Gangs (need more Gang LEADERS)

  • Hidden drug locations

  • House robberies

  • Jewelry Store

  • Banks and stores can be robbed

  • Racing

  • Corner Selling of drugs

  • Daily QOL Changes

Be careful because the city ACTIVE PD who are on duty and ready to arrest.
Looking to stay on the right side of the law?
EMS is looking to hire ALL positions!
There are TONS of civilian jobs that are available such as

  • Truckers

  • Tows

  • Scrappers

  • Fishing

  • Hotdogs

  • Mining

  • Hunting

  • GAMBA!

We are looking for more players to take over some businesses such as car sales, Mechanics, Gang leaders, Gang Members and more.
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