Concerning Trends in FiveM

You are merely crying on here because things simply don’t go the way you want them to go, if you’re attacking Badger then i’m afraid you’ll also have to attack me for making a fair amount of money selling plugins for EasyAdmin, i strongly believe you should just quit while you’re ahead and stop making yourself look like even more of a clown.

Your thread devolved from “I dont like this, please fix this, i dont like this” to “why is everyone disagreeing with me, you’re all wrong and heck you if you dare question me!”

Every single one of your comments has no actual matter, you dont have anything to say so you respond with empty messages, or do half-assed attempts at taking jabs at people because they don’t align exactly with your mindset.

FiveM has come a long way from its beginnings 6 years ago, anyone that knows me knows that i do not agree with various things that the Maintainers have done, or are currently doing, that doesn’t mean i write complaint threads on the forum and act like a right clown when the lead developer of FiveM responds to my criticism because i can see what it has gotten us along the way, FiveM is now better than ever in almost every way.

Anything else i could say here has already been said, i’ll take the freedom of quoting some of it:



I just wanted to point this out. You don’t see anything wrong with being net-negative by a lot? That’s cool you’ve been running your community for 3 years at a deficit and for free. I mean, if you enjoy it and you lose some money, it’s worth it honestly. Not hating on that. However, some people can’t afford to do that. You can feel free to run your community like that, but no one should be required to follow the same rules you believe should be set forth. It’s your opinion and it’s not the end-all be-all…

Couldn’t have said it better myself…

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If you’re an actual developer and can make money selling resources, cool. Most people come here with zero experience and start selling their garbage code - if not reselling other peoples work. I’m really hoping for some tools that benefit community developers who are interested in coding because it’s what they like to do, rather than for the sake of profiting from other peoples hard work (R* and Cfx).

I get why Cfx have done many of these things, since it provides a more legitimate method of monetisation and protection against fraud; but let’s not pretend it’s been a good thing for the community. Of course, most people in this community don’t have the right to be protected from their own bad decisions considering they just want to drop a resource on their server and start earning money through Tebex - if anything doesn’t go their way then Cfx and dbub bad.

Anyway, I’m going to go mourn the loss of a certain talented and beloved individual who has lost interest in improving the platform.


I could give a shit about any of your opinions of me or my community.

Like I said, I am done with it, said my peace, like it or not.

At the current point in time, FiveM is just way for people to make ridiculous amounts of wealth with minimal effort. The “abusers” are no longer the minority, they are the majority. The actions taken to curb the abuse just end up growing the amount of people who “abuse” the platform. Except, you can’t call it abuse anymore as their behavior is being justified, being encouraged through ‘official’ means. These people lack the understanding of what the community used to be and the principals FiveM was built on.

For those just tuning in: FiveM is free software and was built in the most part on unpaid time. The initial intent of creating a Patreon, as I understand it, was a way to pay for the backend services like the server list, artifacts server, entitlement verification and this very forum. Until Tebex, no one was allowed to make a profit using the platform through any means as the community paid to keep it up. It wouldn’t be fair to those who contributed both financially and with their time to allow others with zero interest in contributing to the platform to make money on it. Even then, the team would often ignore this part of the ToS for server owners collecting donations to cover server costs (explicitly not making a profit) however, this was also abused.

The reaction of people who don’t understand the history of the project is generally: “What are those people on about, everyone is in it for the money! Don’t these people realise that FiveM makes so much money from everyone?!” The opportunity to quell that interpretation of the project has long passed now, and one could argue never existed due to the insanely rapid growth FiveM’s player base had on a global scale. If nothing were to be done about the abuse however, this still would have happened.

There’s no use in attacking the people who are being forced to make difficult decisions. The community that those dissatisfied with the direction the project is heading (myself included) would like to be a part of simply no longer has a chance of existing here.


Let’s name a recent example of this: some server called something like ‘xyz world’ - with the ‘o’ removed to appeal to gen Z folks and another 3-letter acronym - owned by some people with a history of abuse only (fraud, piracy, being an outright cunt, selling some scam ‘anticheat’ protection racket), used their funds from abuse to pay some real-world celebrities from some subculture to ‘play on their server’ and probably got a 10-100x ROI on a server that was literally just a default ESX setup without any customizations only because they paid some influencers. Unsure about their actual ROI, as of course like a true abuser, they didn’t go through any of the usual monetization systems, changed server IPs after a ban more often than a botnet would, and somehow ended up buying GPUs to evade hardware bans placed on them during a time where there weren’t any ‘spoofers’ capable of sending bullshit GPU UUIDs.

This is an egregious case, but also one of the few that we actually ended up seeing.

Now, I’ll go back to hiding, as this community is a mess: even this topic resulted in me having to flag numerous posts as they became outright attacks (likely from people selling scripts? lol).

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This is probably the best summary of my entire argument. Just Jaymo is better at articulating some things XD.

The best way I can describe the feeling is that simply, it just doesn’t feel like I (as in others like me who’ve been here for long enough to see this) belong here anymore. Like the FiveM we knew was taken over by others, and maybe that’s just reality of change.

In the end the biggest thing I think we can take away from this in general is we really need to setup some communication. Bubble when you are feeling up to it, reach out on here, matrix, or discord. You have all 3 of mine.

In the end
This is again, 5000% not @d-bubble’s fault. Its really the communities fault and a lack of support structure to assist. The best way to go about things going forward is to establish communication with the majority stakeholders and the ones investing in the platform (Server Owners) using whatever criteria you guys used last time to get a wide variety of servers together and lets communicate.

D_B this backlash stuff doesn’t need to happen any more, for your mental health especially. So I implore you to reach out to people to help you with this. I also hope this never has to happen again, I also want to apologize for any hate you received in private because of this.

Considering enough has been said and done here, I’ve gone ahead and closed the topic (which was long overdue). I will leave this with a few notes though.

Jake, you mention understandable concerns in your original post. We are still great advocates of sharing and open source. None of the recent updates make any change to that. What I do agree with is the way I’ve portrayed the features in the announcements was wrong: they are too optimistic and pushing in contrast with what our ideals are. I have edited the escrow announcement accordingly and will shed some light on our broader vision down this post. About the burst upvotes however:

This is a bit of a preliminary conclusion. You yourself expressed that upvotes have helped promote your community. What we saw happening is that normal upvotes were being resold by third parties, something which is very much not allowed and banks on the edge of fraud (not to mention the amount of times people just outright exit-scammed on their users). At the same time, this has shown us there was a demand for shorter term upvotes with higher boost power and as such developed that very feature. Maybe it’s not for you, and that’s okay. You are perhaps not the target audience.

Before I move on to comment on some other points made in this topic, I want to reiterate a few key points. We’ve seen many different forms of abusive behavior over the years. As I have discussed with a few other community members as well, it’s our job to provide a safe platform to our community. The intention is not to incentivize closed-source projects, rather to provide an officially recognized tool that we can monitor and control, unlike the alternatives. The feature is not meant to be used by everyone; it merely acts as a tool to combat abuse. If you absolutely must use encryption, use this, not something potentially malicious.

In an ideal world all of that that shouldn’t be necessary. Unfortunately the alternative isn’t any better. At the same time I want to point out that this isn’t DRM. Take MTA for example, they’ve had a proprietary Lua compiler for quite a few years with a nearly identical ambition: prevent problematic attempts to protect source code and provide a proven, official solution instead. What we do is not much different.

Furthermore, this platform is not free to run. With a player base the size of ours you can imagine how high our operational costs are. We aren’t out for a moneygrab. Never were, never will, that’s not in our core values. What we do value is the ability to maintain, grow and improve the platform. We have a stellar team behind us that make that possible, who also need food on the table at the end of the day. Let’s not forget that FiveM is entirely free to play, and that will never change.

Moving on.

I’m curious to hear about your ideas here, and will shoot you a message to discuss them. Communication has improved drastically over the past year, you are referring to a group that wasn’t very used to begin with. There are few communities where you can speak to developers as directly as here; Discord, Matrix, etc. You’re right that every server owner deserves their voice to be heard. Happy to hear your solutions to that.

As Smallo pointed out, this is an unfair metric. Everyone deserves to be heard, not just whoever got the most players or other form of reputation points. Good ideas need to be heard whether you’re big or small.

Going back to the original concern:

Our vision is not to simply launch an escrow feature and allow everyone to close down all of their projects. What we want is a platform that promotes open source, but at the same time provides the right tools for those that seek a different path. We envision a proper community hub: a place to upload your resources, share them with others, and install resources with a single click of a button from within FxDK. Think of a Steam workshop-like environment as an improvement from the current forums releases. Good content will stand out, anything not open-source will require users to go extra lengths to go a different path, only serving as a tool to combat the shadier alternatives.

To further summarize our vision and goals (including next year’s targets) I will write an in-depth post to be published early December which will hopefully take some concerns away. I encourage everyone who comes across this topic to also read that announcement once it’s up. I will edit this post with the link once available.