Complexity RP | Custom LEO,CIV Cars | Vmenu! | Need Staff | Need Developers!

Complexity Roleplay is a Role playing Community on FiveM. We are a Non-ESX, Non-Whitelisted Server, but we are currently in development in a network of Fivem community with a expected player base of a full 32 players.

Here is what Complexity Roleplay has to offer:

:rotating_light: Department’s
:white_check_mark: San Andreas State Trooper’s
:white_check_mark: Blaine County Sheriff Office - Looking for department head
:white_check_mark: San Andrea’s Park Ranger’s
:white_check_mark: San Andreas Fire Rescue - Looking for department Staff

:question: Our server is looking for;
:white_check_mark: Leo Director
:white_check_mark: Assist Leo Director
:white_check_mark: Civ Director
:white_check_mark: Assist Civ Director

:white_check_mark: FivePD for law enforcement (for AIs):policewoman:
:white_check_mark: vMenu :page_with_curl:
:white_check_mark: Realistic Gas Mod (vehicle specific):oil:
:white_check_mark: Realistic Vehicle Damage :tools:
:white_check_mark: 100+ vehicles for Emergency Services and Civilian
:white_check_mark: 16+ slots for members to Join.

(These are the mods currently in, more features will be added in the future.)

And many more Mods for members to better their RP experience.

Join our Discord and Sign up today!

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bump We now have a fully working EUP! Join us below!


Both Departments are now setup!


BCSO Now has there EUP!


We are now looking for;

Leo Director
Leo Assist Director
Civ Director
Assist Civ Director

Join the discord and dm @L.Harris#2214 to apply!


Now looking for a BCSO Department Head! get to joining


Now looking for a Co-Founder!


-Able to pay 50% of server expense’s
-Able to be supportive of the server
-Able to play regularly
-Able to be fun and helpful throughout the server. :slight_smile:

Good luck! Hope to see you soon.



We now have even more custom cars and guns!