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We’ve all been there, finding an EU server with serious roleplay is hard. Well not anymore!

Join our small but growing community and be one of the first to enjoy a server thats run by EU people for EU people. No more having to stay up late to get the best RP experience and finally a staff thats around when u need them.

Join and Shape the Community
At the moment we are filling up the discord, creating a community and making sure we hit the right number for the city to launch. This way we can guarantee the city will be an enjoyable experience and that it’s filled with interesting characters.

Law Enforcement: Looking for action and want to keep the streets safe from those filthy criminals? Apply for The Los Santos Police Department and make sure our city is a save haven.

San Andreas Medical Services Got a nack for saving lives on the daily? As EMS expect to have lots of interactions with the community which makes you one of the pillars of our community.

Join our discord now, we are eager to welcome you and your characters into our community!

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