Communal RP

A very welcoming, friendly and flexible RP server called Communal RP is looking for new members! Introducing quality scripts, to bring unique game play to GTA RP. We have multiple jobs such as police, realtor, ems, mechanic and tow jobs.We Have crypto currency and cash system, fuel system, bank robberies, trap houses, coke and other drugs to sell/use. Start your own company, start or join a gang or join the police departments, and much much more!


Custom Framework

Stress System

Multiple Characters

Vehicle Keys System

Live Anywhere Housing

Furniture for Housing

Custom jobs

Custom purchasable businesses

Open interiors


Custom LEO Vehicles

Custom EMS Vehicles

Custom Robbable stores and banks

Crafting System

Lock Picking

Custom drugs

Custom items

Custom houses / housing system

Server Info.


Updated Link: Discord