🔜[Coming Soon!]⭐Hope Valley RP⭐

:question:What is Hope Valley RP?
Hope Valley is a culmination of many attempts to find somewhere to call home. We found many places where it seemed commitment to the community was lacking and we grew tired of seeing people form friendships, begin stories, and invest time into supporting communities and not be appreciated, or heard. Hope Valley hears you and we want to always hear you. We are just past our Alpha Phase of development and are ready to fill a couple staff positions as well as welcome more testers to our ranks, I mean who doesn’t like to break stuff?

:question:Why Hope Valley RP?
We want to be a place where you can join and feel like home even before taking the train into the county. If you are a veteran to REDM or if this is your first REDM experience it shouldn’t matter, we want to be here to support any and every level of role-player. We have a great foundation that has been built and extensively tested. We have a solid roadmap with every phase lined out with plenty of room for the community to help shape every phase.

:question:Is Hope Valley Live?
We are currently in development. There are a lot of people who love this world and we respect that and we encourage any and all feedback as we get ready for Hope Valley Beta phase. If you join our discord and apply to be a tester you can have access to the county and test whenever you like. But, we are not currently live for roleplaying. We want people to feel confident when they create their character that the tools are in place that are needed to make stories come to life and that we have the foundation to build on for a long time to come so our community can enhance those stories in every way possible.

:question:Is Hope Valley RP going to be whitelisted or Public?
As a new community we will be starting out as Public. I hear the groans, I do. Eventually, that is something we will leave up to the community to decide based on the experience in the first few weeks of Beta. We will have a clear rule system in place with an outline detailing what will happen when people break those rules. The rules will be standard ones that you have likely seen in many communities. We are an 18+ roleplaying server. If you have been around REDM before you know what that means, so act accordingly. It really is that simple. If you are new to REDM and roleplaying that is okay we don’t expect you to understand everything right away, any person in the community will be happy to help.

Currently recruiting for:
:brain:Testers. Join our discord and create a ticket to become a tester, explore Hope Valley and frequent updates as we prepare for our Beta phase.

:open_book: Our backstory trailer! We need actors and actresses! Our backstory trailer will go into the history and the current state of the newly founded “Hope Valley”. The future, well that will be up to the folks that return home, or come to Hope Valley to start new.

:briefcase: Faction Manager. This is a staff position that gives the responsibility of overseeing the operations of the factions within Hope Valley, making sure the factions run smoothly, adhere to the server’s rules and guidelines, as well as work with our Senior Staff on the specific needs of each faction. It will be a priority to make sure the factions have what they need for the best experience possible with their roles and interactions.

:mega: Event Manager. This is a staff position that gives the responsibility of organizing and managing events within Hope Valley. We need someone who is ready to take point, plan, promote, manage, and collect feedback from the community on how the events go and what events they want to see.

The most important thing we need is YOU :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: . Come and join a community who is passionate about REDM or if you decide to take the train in and make it the home of your character, we welcome anyone.

Thanks for reading about us, we hope you come check us out and tell us about you!



We are currently preparing to announce our Beta Release. We have 1 support position available as well as 1 Faction and 1 Event manager position available . We will have our first TOWN HALL meeting this weekend on Sunday May 14, at 4:00PM EST. Please join our DISCORD and get to know us and bring any questions concerns or ideas you have! :star_struck:

Join Hope Valley discord!


Meeting is starting here very soon! Feel free to join our discord and listen in! https://discord.io/hopevalleyrp

Awesome people! Come be a part of helping to shape a wonderful place to RP!

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We took some time away from developing and other things for a community trail ride to celebrate Memorial Day and honor those who have served. We wish everyone a very safe holiday. Come check us out if you want to be a part of a growing community. Beta to be open to everyone soon ™!! You can sign up to be an ALPHA tester to help us test things now or just join our discord to get to know everyone!