Combining LUA Tut's and wiki

Yello everyone,

Well, I just moved into FiveReborn and started to script some around. Yet some things are unclear for me: I see people reffering to the wiki of knas, people reffering to a gitHub or reffering to “MultiFive”. As far as I am known with the MTA LUA, I tried to look up the functions used on FiveReborn.

Is there anyone with a clear list of functions/events used by FiveReborn? I found already the wiki, yet it isn’t kinda completed.


@Galaxy It is quite far, but making a wiki that has everything will take months just use my wiki.

@kanersps Cool, well I will be seeing what I can do with it.

If you need any help with the wiki, you may reach out for me :slight_smile: I could maybe provide a helping hand!

You can find all the natives here:


you shold check out this post