Cold Mountain Roleplay | RT300 | 30+ Player Patrols | Whitelisted

Hello everyone! Below is information on a rapid growing Whitelisted and serious FiveM Server. We are an active FiveM Server with custom assets, world-class staff & admin team, and a place where we take privacy and security very highly.

What Cold Mountain Roleplay has to offer:

  • Custom Framework
  • Custom EUP Commissioned
  • Custom Vehicles made by our Community Coordinator and/or commissioned out
  • Custom CAD & MDT designed in house
  • 30+ Player Patrols with it consisting of many Civilians! (See picture below)

And much more :slight_smile:

Departments we offer:

  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Blaine County Sheriffs Office
  • San Andreas State Police
  • San Andreas Fire Rescue
  • San Andreas Communications Department
  • Civilian Operations

Were currently in the progress of getting all new SASP EUP/Vehicles custom commissioned.

Join the Discord while were in open recruitment at ColdMountainRP Official Discord
Also check out our website!

Community Photos

Being a member here is one of the most funniest things you can probably do! All the civilians are very good at creating very in-depth scenarios. I would recommend this server 10/10.

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Best community out there! 30+ Daily patrol with in depth roleplay and passive roleplay. Best community to learn things and to have fun chill roleplay. All departments are ran well! Still on the way up to the top “Put a coat on its going to be a chilly hike to the top of FiveM” - Frank R. 1A-1

Server is a great place to roleplay on FiveM… I think you should join it. Thanks for tuning into Jack’s Podcast!


mid community