Code eror : identifier - missing

do you know how to fix this error? :frowning:

check mysql database.

ok bro, iam gonna check

I’ve checked it and what’s next bro?

Do you have redundancy in table characters?

i think i dont have bro

I have the same error! already tried a lot of things, did you manage to solve it?

F8 Client Error Checking.

i was checking bro but thats not woks in f8 instruction

no bro

no bro I haven’t refined it yet

sample for analysis.

so small dude i can’t see the text command

Your F8 fivem checks for errors.

ok i try bro

try mysql:
DELETE FROM user_inventory
WHERE identifier = “steam:110000133xxxxxx”;
DELETE FROM addon_account_data
WHERE owner = “steam:110000133xxxxxx”;
DELETE FROM characters
WHERE identifier = “steam:110000133xxxxxx”;
WHERE identifier = “steam:110000133xxxxxx”;
DELETE FROM user_accounts
WHERE identifier = “steam:110000133xxxxxx”;

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this is for what bro?

Hey! did someone managed to solve it?

Your fivem server?

yes bro