Code 2 Zero Roleplay | San Andreas State Police recruitment opportunity

Welcome to the San Andreas State Police:

Welcome to the San Andreas State Police our goal is to become the one of the top departments this server can possibly get. We are always looking for new recruits to join the force and have a good time as well as protecting the public.

What are we looking for:
We are currently looking for new members of the department so we can gain a good roleplay experience as well as also wanting some new command members who are willing to help others and help get this department of the ground.


Join Our discords:

ā†’ Main Server Discord
ā†’ State Police Discord

About state police:
State Police is a small department at this moment for a new sever we have lots of goals and stuff we want to do like bring some good roleplay experience to everyone in the server and having to top command members we can have in the state police.
We are wanting to make sure everyone is well trained and everyone knows what there doing when dealing with scenes.

About the Commissioner;
Hello Iā€™m the commissioner people called me king and i have lots of experience in dealing with departments and manging them. My personal goal is to hold the department to the highest standards.

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