Cloud9 RP dojrp vMenu 1200+ custom cars looking for leo and staff

**Are you looking to join a serious RP VMENU Fivem server? Well if you are Cloud9 RP would be great for you here is a description about us.

Meet The Founder: Are founder in Cloud9 RP is Rosko he is a very kind person and would love to see some new people joining Cloud9 RP!

Meet The Owners: We have 3 Fabulist owners. There names are Otterich and Loya. They love meeting and seeing new people in the server!

Departments: San Andreas State Police Blaine County Sheriffs Office Federal Aviation Administration

Cars: We have 1200+ custom cars in the game for all people to use and have fun in!

Requirements: Have a mic Speak English Join are discord Do not be racist

Scripts: We have many customs scripts that are really good and will make your RP 100% better

Custom maps: We have many custom mlo/ymaps that makes rp really fun some examples are court house, police station, stores, dealerships and more!

Clothes: We have a bunch of custom clothes that are very nice looking also we had new clothes on the daily!

Staff: We have very active staff and they are very nice also you can apply for staff just have to be 15 and up!

We hope to see you in the server!

**Cloud9 RP


Best Server of 2022 come join up lots of events good rp.


We hope to see you there on the server for some great RP

this is a wonderful server looking forward to seeing you wonderful people on it !!!

would 100% recommend if you love a classic dojrp server

come check us out !!