Clientside car mods

Hi, Im trying to install carmods but for some reason they dont work when I go ingame, I followed Shhadas tutorial.

Path dir: citizen/platform/levels/gta5/vehicles

The cars im trying to change are stratum and rebel.

well shaddas tutorial is correct but since they update the game itself the car locations might change , the game loads from the latest update so you might have to create new folders like patchday3 levels gta5 vehicles all that and place them in the correct sub folders for ex you can use the OpenIV progran and hit f3 i believe that brings up the search option you can type the name of the model and it will tell you exactly where its located

When I use OpenIV and launch fivereborn it always says corrupt game data so I cant use that

you’re not supposed to use OPENIV you gotta create the folders in the citizen folder and put the yft and ytd in there

Also, if you’re going to use OpenIV, you’ll need an update.rpf from the lowriders update. Newer ones won’t work.