Client side mods help plz

Im trying to install client side mods that need and it is not loading the dll that is in my /plugins folder in my five reborn.

I don’t think 5Reborn comes with scripthookdotnet, only scripthookv, and I don’t think .dll’s work in /plugins folder, only .asi and .ini files, try placing scripthookdotnet in 5Reborn main dic but I don’t know if that will work or not, espically that Reborn uses special scripthookv for 5Reborn.

@Local_Yocal well… some .net scripts may work…Put the ScriptHookVdotnet.dll and ASI to /plugins/ folder …inside the plugin folder create the scripts folder and copy all your scripts there,not all scripts work…

How can you tell if a mod works or not

I am having same exact issue i have tried just about evrything. I am going to try 1 last thing and then give up

Hey! had you fixed the problem with the".dll" files in the “scripts” folder?

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