[CLIENT] Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support

Well now THAT’s odd. Could you post the contents of Gears.log?

Also, does it happen on a Quad? What game version do you have? If it crashes on a quad too I probably know where the problem is.

[14:02:55.176] VER_1_0_393_2_NOSTEAM
[14:02:55.176] Script loaded
[14:04:49.023] Initializing steering wheel
[14:04:49.035] No wheel detected
[14:04:49.035] Settings read

This is the log from opening FiveReborn, joining a server, spawning a car, and trying to enter.

A quadbike also crashes the game.

[14:05:56.969] VER_1_0_393_2_NOSTEAM
[14:05:56.969] Script loaded
[14:06:48.519] Initializing steering wheel
[14:06:48.532] No wheel detected
[14:06:48.532] Settings read

The interesting thing is that suddenly, with no changes but time, the steam version seems to be working perfectly fine.

Ah, build 393. I’ll need to look into that if I still have it laying around. The offsets for the wheel/suspension compression might be wrong for that version. Can’t you use your Steam version for FiveReborn for the while?

Alternatively go through my code to see what I’m trying to access with GetWheelsCompression and fix the offsets yourself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m not even sure where to get that build of V.

How do I do that?

I pointed my FiveReborn at GTAV steam when I set it up and that happened

Are you sure? The Steam version is VER_1_0_791_2_STEAM, the log says VER_1_0_393_2_NOSTEAM.

Anyway, just clone https://github.com/E66666666/GTAVManualTransmission and set up the ScriptHookV SDK and DirectX SDK, check if it builds, disable GetWheelsCompression from ever being called. Maybe uncomment the WheelsPtr so you don’t have to find it manually. Start CheatEngine, hook it to GTA V and put the address of the wheel (or the car) in, make CheatEngine figure out the struct and then try and find the correct wheel/suspension compression offset. It should be near 0x160. It’s a float, and you can manually change the value to see if you grabbed the correct offset.

Um, or just wait until I get my things done.

Edit - Sorry - I can’t get hold of that version. I’ll disable the reading when no wheel is used in the next update.

Sorry for my ignorance, turns out 393/NOSTEAM is the executable used by FiveReborn and I need to use a different offset.

AppVeyor should have the latest good version in right about 2 minutes. (Click Artifacts)



Works perfectly now! Thanks <3

I don’t see a Gears.log file in my folder. The game only runs when I remove “.asi”


I’ve also experienced the crash when getting in a car when using this mod. I’ve tried using your updated files from the AppVeyor Artifacts, but then I get a popup saying “CitizenFX Fatal Error” “Failed to load Gears.asi” and I’m unable to start the game.

Try disabling CrossScript.

Is there any way to get the Custom Steering to work with FiveM?

You can contact the author on GTA5-Mods.com or on GTAForums.

Update - As of 4.2.0, there’ll be no FiveM support any more until further notice.

Works for FiveM! Enjoy drifting with force feedback now ^^

I just managed to fix the following with regards to FiveM:

  • Due to ViSH finally reporting the correct game binary version, reading the suspension compressions finally works in FiveM without breaking it for version 393.
  • Due to how the steering correction patch/restore was implemented, false positives were found and patching these made the game crash. It’s stricter now and seems to work well for FiveM! In addition to this it should be more robust (I hardcoded the registers…)
  • CrossScript funcitonality is disabled when running game version 1.0.505.2 non-Steam (the snapshot FiveM uses)


This is the build with these changes after the beta2 release.

If you’re installing this for the first time, you’ll need this README to get started and set up your things.

Please try it and report crashes and bad things that shouldn’t be happening. Please only keep it to very bad things it does (and doesn’t in SP!)

Woop, here’s me trying to drive in a FiveM server. They used a very bad handling so controllers can drift, so the front wheels don’t have any appreciable grip and the gearing is just plain bad (unlimited torque at 200kph in 2nd gear?!), but if a server offers something like Realistic Driving V, things should be plenty enjoyable.


I don’t get it, how do we install it for FiveM?

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ManualTransmission folder goes in main GTA V root folder
Gears.asi goes into FiveM/plugins

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Thank you very much.

I love you! Thanks so much!!!

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I turned off the crossplugin in settings_general.ini yet I still crashed on FiveM with “gears.asi+153.B1” as the error. Is this still working with FiveM?

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Ooh, this still exists here from FiveReborn!

You’ll want to head over to the new thread

Also, if any mod stumbles upon this post, could this thread be closed? It’s in the wrong spot and rather outdated :slight_smile: