Client is slow and freeze, alt+tab defreeze

Hi, my problem is in the title, the client freeze every time and the only solution is alt+tab to defreeze

Got the exact same issue. Need to tab out for it to load. And then ingame it freezes all the time.
Tried to reinstall both fiveM and gta V.

Even tried to reinstall it on a diffrent harddrive (ssd). Still didn´t help. Also tried downgrading from 1703 since the problem started after that. Still the same problem! Anyone got a fix?

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Well done! You’re smart.

It’s FiveM itself, when it freezes press Alt+F4 it won’t close it, it will unfreeze it. Or wait for updates.

I know how to unfreeze it. But ingame it freezes the game all the time aswell. Like huge fps drops. In normal gta v nothing like that happends. And since not everyone has this problem I thought there might be a fix or that someone had a clue what was causing it.

Server addons. FiveM itself is fairly “stable”. It’s the server.

is a client side problem the game run smooth no lag no freeze, my problem is with the fiveM client is slow and freeze. The only solution to defreeze is alt-tab, reinstall fiveM doesn’t work for me, maybe next updates

It is not the server. Others is running fine. And the lag even occurs before joining a server on fiveM. Wich we have been saying more then once now siri.

Yeah hopefully it will come a new update to fix it. Did u update your windows 10? and got that 1703 creators update?

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I know, I’m just proving a point to @krypton
I was talking about your Huge FPS drop.

I know it freezes and is slow (For me it’s when starting up). Alt+Tab doesn’t unfreeze it for me?