Client crashes when joining a server?

Once I’ve connected and started joining a server, the screen blacks out once or twice before closing without any message popping up.
Probably the last bug I need to fix in order to play FiveReborn.

Did you try diffrent servers? Did you allow it through your firewall?

@Boss Believe I did. However, the black screen has stopped appearing. Instead, the game loads for ages, and once I actually get into the server I’m not connected (probably timed out). And I cant access my pause menu. (Really laggy game if I cant adjust)

Disable it through your SP mode. Alot of server use custom cars etc. it might take you 1, 2 or even 3 times to get all the resources needed to join the server.

@Boss that is why i suggested a downloading bar that gets the resources first before joining the server, like in mta sa