Client closes itself everytime i click to join server

GTA V version? - whatever fivereborn runs on
Up to date? yes
Social Club
Windows version
Error screenshot - N/A
GTA V folder screenshot -
FiveReborn client folder screenshot -
.dmp files - not sure on how to find these

as title says the client just close’s itself after i click onto any of the servers listed no error messages or anything please help

ignore this or close it figured out my issue already

@Jameson Would you mind sharing? There’s many of us who have the same problem and would really like an answer!



@Jameson im having the same issue could you tell me what you did

I solved it actually @RagermanGaming I just made sure steam was running and it worked… For some reason, if you have the steam version of GTA V, FiveReborn requires you to have steam started in some cases!

Make sure steam is shut down everywhere even here (Log out of steam then close it)

Plz give rep

@TrooperGarry For some people it only works if Steam IS RUNNING! It’s very odd!

For me its the same still keeps closing on windows 10

Why Not install redux Here :-