CLERP | Whitelist Community | 300+ Vehicles | Custom Interiors | Economy Server | Join the community!

To check out our Testing Server, just search “CLERP” in the server list. We also have a FivePD server in the works.

The main server is whitelisted and has many custom scripts, interior, items and vehicles. We are a new community that is growing and would like to provide a place for role-players to have fun and be creative.
If you would like more information on the community or have any questions, please reach out to me or join the Cleveland Roleplay Discord.

We will get you whitelisted and on server ASAP and are looking forward to growing the community!!

Happy Gaming!


yall got a discord link?

If you’re interested in helping with server development please hit me up!

hi just wanna say I did this kinda thing for my server and my post got closed so watch it just so ya know

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Thanks for the heads up. I believe I am within the guidelines… I hope lol

LOL Ur welcome

do you still need help

Please feel free to hop into our discord and introduce yourself.