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  • PD Donut (SPEED) modified
  • Grove ST Compound added for YMG gang members
  • New dealership MLO added - new dealership to be released in upcoming updates


  • Server artifacts
  • Electrician econ updated
  • Electrician Cyan (#30ECCA) is now White (#FFFFFF)
  • Electrician Green (#30EC7B) better shade of Green (#00FF00) instead of teal-ish.
  • Hunting illegal hunting pelt buyer has been moved
  • Hunting illegal pelts no longer gives ‘clean’ money
  • Hunting animals has been expanded


  • Auto Exotics reverted for now
  • Hunting exploit


Pops Diner

  • Pop’s Diner’s meals have been re-done
  • Pop’s Diner UI has been re-arranged


  • New dispatch system has been integrated
  • All police calls centralized to that system
  • EMS/FD now have a working dispatch system
  • Custom blips, statuses, working police map blips
  • Ability to press a keybind (G) to respond to calls
  • Fully functional dispatch live map (F3)

New Garage Locations

  • Added garage N at postal 63
  • Added garage O at postal 463

Gun Range

  • New gun range system at the ammunition of Adam’s Apple Blvd

1.9.4 Update

  • We finally did it, we updated the framework to a more stable one.


  • Added LostMC compound MLO
  • Added LostMC vests


  • Remastered and improved economy for most civilian jobs
  • Cloth added to pawn shop
  • Large updates to the phone includes a new TikTok app and LOTS of quality changes and bug fixes
  • Reworked all the spawn locations and added missing police stations
  • Cloakroom added to judges chambers in city hall
  • New mechanic shop location for ASS at Los Santos Customs
  • Added LSC to Map App & Services App
  • PD Garage: Sandy Heli Garage has been moved from across the road to the Helipad within Sandy PD
  • EMS Garage: All EMS Helipads now have the proper helicopter
  • Added Bank Robbery & Possession of Marked Bills charges into the MDT
  • Clothing store added to Sandy Sheriff’s Office
  • Weapon improvements
  • Added new YMG clothing
  • Added some police vests
  • New gunrack system for police

Better Item Icons

  • Updated Jolly Ranchers to make not ugly
  • Updated ammo boxes, more appealing, visibly unique
  • Updated ammunition icons to make them more consistent
  • Updated several mat icons adjusted and tweaked
  • Added new icons for weapon mods
  • Misc. tweaks to other icons for uniformity, removing white space, and overall visual appeal


  • Maximum taxi level decreased to 30
  • Reduced requirement for personal vehicle in taxi job
  • All coupons now weigh 20g instead of 200g
  • City Hall has been added to the phone’s Map App and Services App (GPS Only)
  • Increased maximum house key limit to 12 (including homeowner)
  • Unlawful Flight changed to a Class 6 Felony in the MDT
  • Increased the distance the police radar is able to track a vehicle
  • Decreased illegal fishing difficulty
  • Lowered the weight of GSR test kits from 1 kg to 250 grams


  • Fixed various spelling mistakes in MDT
  • Fixed various spelling mistakes in the banking menu
  • Slamtruck’s towing capabilities have been fixed
  • Moved garage L (MRPD) away from the wall so vehicles no longer clip through the wall when pulled out


Clothing System

  • Completely new system for appearance, outfits, work clothes.


  • Inventory update 2.30.0
  • Ox Lib update 2.5.0
  • Phone update 1.3.2
  • Removed auto bolo system
  • HUD command from /menu to /hud
  • Removed ALT when in a vehicle


Black Lantern

  • New Restaurant in Grapeseed, postal 115

DA Office

  • New DA office, postal 740


  • Values restored from Restaurants & Vending food and drinks have been adjusted.
  • Fixed name of D Handle Drill


  • Fixed Maze Bank Cheering
  • Fixed Fishing Zones
  • Fixed Character Select for New Characters
  • Fixed Taxi Spelling Errors
  • Fixed Pegasus Garage
  • Fixed Passport Language


Cinema Doppler MLO

  • New movie theater

BNG Compound MLO

  • New gang MLO

BlackDiamond Compound MLO

  • New gang MLO


  • SmartFires - LSFD

  • SmartHose - LSFD

  • FireSupplyLine - LSFD

  • Clothing PD/EMS Lockers

  • Wardrobe for Housing

  • State tow cloakroom moved

  • Bike Handling for Harley-Davidson FLHXS Street Glide Special


  • Taxi Job withdrawal issue, resolved.

New Sandy Sheriffs Station
• New customized interior
• Officer report forms at front desk
• Armory, evidence and clothing
• Helipad, vehicle garage

New Sandy Medical
• Nancy coming soon!
• Garages & Helipads
• Armory, clothing, etc.

New Pillbox Medical
• Updated Interior
• New lower pillbox rooms for LEO
• Updated Nancy locations
• Supplies & elevators

• Useable menus for all established restaurants and bars in the city
• Added 21st Street new map exterior

• Updated station spawn locations for the new ES MLOs
• Updated the Pegasus shared garage to be available via their dealership job
• Updated the names of PD weapons
• Captains in the LSFD can now hire
• Added new cars to PDM (A, B, C and S class)
• Converted from qTarget to Ox Target
(Let us know if any third-eye zones feel off or do not work properly.)
• Added Pizza This
• Set up Sandy Shores FD garages/uniform lockers and equipment lockers
• Added new customs location for fire
• Added missing fire vehicles to LSFD garages

• Fix the issue where when you press G when not dead, you get an error notification
• Fixed speed on some S and A class cars
• Fixed mechanic jacks getting stuck. No longer spawns jack. Animation has been changed.
• Nancy no longer randomly denies check-in. Nancy will only deny you if EMS denies your request while they are on-duty.
• Fixed more hunting exploits. Creatures must now be dead to be skinned.


  • Updated a variety of scripts
  • Introduced a clothing area within Burger Shot.
  • Added additional recipes to the crafting bench.
  • Implemented a dark mode user interface for Gas Stores.
  • Significantly increased the import capacity of hammers for Ammunations.
  • Increased the trucking upgrade for Ammunations, allowing for the import of more items per run.
  • Increased the import capacity of engine oil, transmission oil, and alcohols for Convenience Stores per run.
  • Added a coupon for UwU Cafe.
  • Reduced the required number of Storm Rams for police house raids to 1.
  • Increased the weight of the Storm Ram from 10 kg to 20 kg.
  • Added Yellow Jack and Black Lantern locations to the phone map.
  • Added a new phone app: Voice Memos
  • Added a new phone game: Flappy Bird.
  • Implemented a 60 second Phasing Period for Racing
  • Implemented handling improvements for A and S class vehicles from boosting.
  • Updated Catcafe, removed the tree in front.
  • Increased rewards from boosting
  • Increased rewards from ATM robbery
  • Increased number of competitions for racing from 1 to 3
  • Competitions are now at 2 PM, 6 PM and 11 PM EST daily.
  • Reduced number of racers required for competitions from 5 to 4
  • Increased competition payout
  • Police will now receive notifications when a race begins
  • Police will now receive notifications periodically, very low chance, during a race
  • Moved Gunrack Keys pick-up location to SASP armory
  • Modified competition winnings handout. Most of the reward will now go to the top finishers.
  • Moved several items out of Black Market and into other illegal activities
  • Purses can now be opened
  • Lower-tier banks must be robbed before big bank
  • Improved house robbery economy
  • Changed job script - You will need to be re-hired to your jobs
  • Added new fire script
  • Custom shop & gas station blips have been removed to significantly reduce the number of blips on the map.
  • Added Medical Equipment shop to medical vehicles ie. Ambulances
  • Added Fire Equipment shop to fire vehicles ie. Firetrucks
  • Boats can now be repaired at mechanics
  • Boats now consume engine oil
  • PD Handling tweaked
  • Boss menu fixed for PDM, Mosley’s, Yellowjack, Cityhall, and Court.
  • Added back Taser to ammunition
  • Removed upgrades from PD cars
  • Bananas restore 10% of hunger, instead of 5%
  • Oxy packages can no longer go in bags.


  • Fixed Jewelery Store Police Notifications.
  • Fixed the Burger Shot livery on the Food Truck.
  • Removed problematic trucking delivery spots, such as the Lost MC Clubhouse.
  • Fixed the oxyrun police check.
  • Resolved problematic scenarios. Animals will now spawn again.
  • Fixed car classes in racing. If your car is not working for its’ intended race class, please open a ticket with the model of the car.
  • Fixed selling unprocessed meat to hunting NPC
  • Fixed Rain not working. It will now rain.
  • Fixed House Shells
  • Fixed MDT bug
  • Fixed weed shop heist
  • Fixed drug harvesting, crafting and selling cop counts
  • Fixed vehicle class lists for racing
  • Fixed rounding for taxes. no longer $12.9999990000
  • Registers will no longer change their bill randomly.
  • Fixed truck spawn locations for postal 227 and 430
  • Fixed Airport LSC Fall through the ground


New Endgame Heists

  • Bobcat Heist
  • Artifact Heist

Mission Row Police Department

  • New Interior / Exterior
  • Improved Officer Complaint Form
  • Added Evidence Request Form

New Billing System

  • Phone Integration
  • Recurring billing

Fire Department Updates

  • New Mirror Park MLO
  • Updated EUP


  • Added a garage to trucking logistics
  • Page Up now shows IDs while dead
  • Updated boosting store location
  • Minimum ATM cash robbery increased
  • Updated shop robbery loot table
  • Fixed ATM robbery dispatch spam
  • Resolved issues with some shop safes



  • Over 300+ new Male EUP Variants -:beverage_box:
  • Added the ability for Restaurants to change unprocessed meat to raw meat, and or raw chicken


  • Updated Maisonette 10 Menu
  • Finally got around to granting Riggs Perms
  • Black Label is now known as the Royals MC. Their vests, and clubhouse match accordingly
  • Updated Heli Cam script
  • Updated Police Armory Econ
  • Updated Bank Robbery Econ


  • Fixed issues within Boosting collection locations
  • Fixed Holy Guac storage
  • Fixed Whiskey Barrel Meals
  • Fixed Yellow Jack crafting table
  • Fixed carjack requirement forflipping cars
  • Fixed Police Complaint forms


RECRUITING LAW ENFORCEMENT We’re looking to immediately hire candidates for the Los Santos Police Department and the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office.

Lateral transfers from full Officer or Deputy are accepted to the San Andreas State Police as a Trooper.

Our new straight to patrol on-boarding allows candidates to jump right into the action while learning on the streets from skilled LEO Field Training Instructors & Officers.

Monthly full training sessions will elevate your skills providing you even more experience to hit the streets and roleplay as Law Enforcement even better.

More details on our Discord @ discord.gg/clearrp

Apply in character by joining our server → connect gta.edgegamers.com




  • Optimized all police addon clothing (this should resolve most of the client freezing experienced in the city)
  • Updated various gang addon clothing
  • Fixed Olson’s Auto boss menu, locker room, garage
  • Fixed Black Lantern crafting recipes
  • Fixed Burger Shot location on phone map
  • Fixed Burger Shot storage location
  • Fixed Yellow Jack storage location
  • Updated weight of car parts from chop shop
  • Updated weight of boosting tablet
  • Updated images for all colored usbs
  • Updated racing tablets to stack
  • Updated access tools to stack
  • Updated payout of Three-Card Poker max bet from $1250 to $5000
  • Updated payout of Roulette Max Bet from $50 to $200


  • Added high-roller table for blackjack
  • Added wheelchairs for Pillbox / EMS




  • Drug Labs have been added throughout the city, in gang territories. Gang leaders have been preparing for this and will now coordinate the drug trade within the city. Be prepared, not everyone’s up to play nice and may want to monopolize their specific drug.
  • Added effects for taking Oxy.
  • Added IFAK for the Police Department.


  • Updated to drug selling economy to match the new system.


  • Server restarts, should be fixed now.