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Grove Street. Home. At least it was before I fucked everything up.
Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson, 1992


Classic Roleplay is an up-and-coming text roleplay server that aims to recreate communities such as LSRP and RCRP and bring you the ultimate old school text-based roleplay experience on GTA V via RAGE Multiplayer, but on the GTA SA map we all know and love.


This is a call to arms to all SAMP players, new and old. Are you sad at the prospect of SAMP dying along with many of the great servers? Do you want to help keep the spirit alive? Then come on in and get in early for a project that could turn out to be something truly special.

We need people like you to help build the lore of the world, create and organise various factions, and/or help out with development tasks from coding and modding to mapping and web design.


If you’d like to know more, then come on by!

Discord: Classic Roleplay
Website: https://classicrp.net

Progress has been made around authentication. You will be met with the login/register pop-up when you join the server. Next step is to implement character creation and selection.


Who remembers this classic from the Vice City game? :smiley:

Some more progress made:

  • Character creation and selection
  • Updated chat CSS to suit RP server
  • Added RP chat commands such as /me, /do, /b, /shout, /low, and /whisper
  • Various behind the scenes improvements and refactoring

Still early days here but looking for people to fill various positions:

  • Graphics designer (logos, branding, etc)
  • Community manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Various faction management roles
  • Mappers

If you’re interesed in the server in any capacity, then come on into the Discord (link in first post) :slight_smile:

Current plan is to get a MVP (minimum viable product) released so we can get players on the server while improvements are made. We’re of the philosophy that if we get something out there quickly, then we’ll be able to get feedback earlier to save working on things that people don’t actually want.


  • Authentication
  • Character creation
  • Character selection
  • Roleplay chat commands
  • Update chat look and feel to resemble SAMP
  • Private messaging
  • Character money

In progress

  • Vehicle ownership
  • Vehicle dealership

To do

  • Character customisation (likely will modify existing resource to save time)
  • Jobs (garbage man and trucker to start with probably)
  • Admin commands (will possibly use something like vMenu to start with)
  • Minor VC map fixes

After MVP release

  • Houses
  • Factions
  • Phones
  • Businesses
  • Weapons
  • Items and inventory
  • Vehicle customisation

Current dev version: 0.1.0-dev.8

Still looking for people to fill various roles. Now also needed a frontend developer, must have experience in React or similar framework as our in-game UIs are developed in React.

Looking for a keen individual to kick-start the Vice City Police Department!

Come on into the Discord: Vice City Life Roleplay

Been working on vehicle ownership!

  • Buy vehicles from the dealership
  • Park and unpark your vehicles
  • Control the engine
  • Control the lock status
  • Also been working on the website…

Come on in and check out the only 90s based RP server and the only Vice City based text RP server for GTA!


Nothing better to get you in the mood for life in Vice City than this classic song!

Just launched the first version of the website! https://vicecity.life

Added a basic HUD to display some vehicle information! Subject to change to a better display in future (any front end devs around here? :wink: ), but keeping it simple for MVP!


Come on into the only GTA 5 text roleplay server on FiveM!

We need people like you to help shape the future of Vice City Life. Let’s build something great together.

Making use of FiveM’s console key bindings so you’ll be able to bind controls to any key of your liking :eyes:

Website: https://vicecity.life
Discord: Vice City Life Roleplay

Just need to tidy up the UI but character customisation is almost complete!

You looking for a text roleplay server? Check us out!


The project has changed from being a Vice City based server to a classic GTA SA map based server! Come join us on the Discord :slight_smile:


Check out our in-depth character customiser. Maybe you can make more beautiful characters than me, because these ones don’t seem to happy with how I’ve made them look :grinning:




Get creative and design the character you have always envisaged. Get your hair done, buy some new threads, and cover yourself in tattoos. Decide on your character’s back story and develop them through engaging experiences in Classic Roleplay.


You can’t have all the nice things in life without money. One sure guaranteed source of income involves getting a job. You can become a taxi driver, trucker, garbage man, fisherman, and more.


Of course you can always live the dangerous but exciting life. Work your way up to the top to become the king-pin of a notorious crime organisation.

Now here’s something to get you feeling the nostalgia of the classic Grand Theft Auto games! In Classic Roleplay, you will see the good old GTA SA HUD to inform you of the amount of cash you have on you, your current health and armour, and your currently equipped weapon and the amount of ammo that weapon has left.


GIF: Screen capture - 18966c09b8e742e3cf950faa68438678 - Gyazo

Taxi driver and pizza delivery jobs have been added.

Come check us out at Classic Roleplay.