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Rift Development, originally started as it’s own FiveM community, however has since progressed more into the development aspect of things, offering people development services, custom made scripts and its framework that was originally intended for its own community.

  • Disclaimer:
    We are for the most part, only experienced creating scripts and developing servers that are based, or somewhere in the realm of ESX. We can attempt to tackle and experiment other frameworks to broaden our skill sets, however it’s unlikely that we can work as swiftly and as effectively as on ESX.

Our past experience?

  • I (as in the person writing this) have had around 5 years of overall programming experience specifically in the fields of C#, Lua, HTML and CSS, 2 of those years have been somewhat dedicated to FiveM.
  • Other Developers working under our name have varying experience, all of which are perfectly suited for your needs.

What can we offer you?

  • Creation of FiveM servers from the ground up!

  • Installation of resources whether that be scripts, vehicles or interiors.

  • Creation of scripts from the ground up, tailored to your needs and wants. (currently we can’t provide any MLO or Vehicle creation since we lack the required knowledge and programs to tackle such a thing)

  • Configuration and editing of pre-existing resources to tailor to your servers needs.

  • Organization of resources, management of the files and optimization of resources.

  • I can also teach you the basics of server management and configuration which includes how to add, remove and configure resources!

The Framework we offer!

As stated above, the framework which we have had created, originally based from ESX 1.2 was meant for our own server and personal project “Senora Roleplay” yet has since been configured to be more publicy available and adjustable.

  • Streamlined resources and optimized (running below 3ms on average) This means you should be able to run a server for upwards of 150 people without experiencing any server sided issues.

  • Upwards of 20 un-whitelisted civilian jobs, which includes the classics like garbageman, GoPostal, Amazon and with some unique ones like salvage diving, bus driving and advanced mining/lumberjacking jobs.

  • Advanced Drugs! Growable weed which has to be fertilized and watered to maintain its harvestability, an advanced meth producing system where you have to collect the ingredients, and regulate temperature! You can rob houses to have a chance of getting a black USB-C which gives you the location of a drug deal, which you can intercept and steal the drugs from!

  • Upwards of 150 custom vehicles, all of which have been packed and compressed so you don’t experience any lag!

For the sake of keeping this post short and not dragging on with the unprecented amount of scripts and custom resources available here, we have made a full post on our discord. Which is where you can also open up a ticket to enquire about our services.


OR contact me directly through discord via Samuel#0008

Thanks for reading our post, we hope all of you have great days! :smiley:
— Samuel

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Seems to be some paid services in breach with terms of service

Hello! I am the manager or Rift and we are pretty much a group of developers. I never ask for money and do this because I have a passion for programming and am not financially “needing” if that makes sense, thank you!