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Civilized Roleplay is one of the biggest and best roleplaying servers for FiveM.

What does Civilized Roleplay Offer?

  • A heavily optimised server for those with low end computers.
  • 24/7 support from our great Staff and Department Teams.
  • Positive Rewards for our Staff, LEO & Civilian Players.
  • Laid Back & Easy to Follow rules.
  • Civilian Organizations to join
  • Emergency Service Department to join

What Departments do we offer?

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  • Los Santos Police Department
  • San Andreas Fire & Rescue
  • United States Marshall Service - Staff Sgt+

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

Apply: Here

Los Santos Police Department

Apply: Here

San Andreas Fire & Rescue

Apply: Here


SRU looking pretty dope today!!!


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