[Civ][ESX] Font Awesome Chat [v1.3][Updated 1/8/2019]

Is it possible to get this to work without ESX? Love the styling of this but we don’t use ESX

couldnt find resource chat-theme-civlifechat HELPLPLP

Hello, how can I block words in the chat if I want them to be insulted or another word, thank you

i wanna print my ic name, how should i do it?

guys please tell me exactly what other resources i need for this chat script…

would you share?

can i ask were u get your emojis from please?

thank you did u copy and add the emoji or example fa-police

got it bro thanks :smiley:

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/announce y otros comandos se dejaron de ver los “:”
Ejemplo Console say: “/rp Police Satus 1”
Chat Winwows : Police InformationPolice Status 1

are we allowed to remove the ESX Part?