City Of Linx Roleplay | Serious RP | Hiring LSPD, SAST, EMS/FIRE | 16+


City Of Linx Roleplay is a serious roleplay oriented aiming to give the best roleplay experience possible. Our developers are always hard at work to sort out bugs or add new scripts/cars to the server. COLRP is an economy based server, there are plenty of jobs to do in the city. We are a small server but we are trying to accommodate all types of players. New to fivem? The staff team is happy to help you get started on your rp journey.


Have a mic
Be 16 or over


Current positions open: ems/fire, LSPD and SAST. We’re looking to fill base roles.

Our Legal jobs: News Reporter, Towing, Trucker, Trashman, Bus Driver, Taxi, Mining.

Whitelist Jobs: Lspd, Sast, Ems, Fire, Mechanics, Motorcycle clubs, Player Owned Dealerships.

Interested in joining:

Discord: City of Linx Roleplay
Server: City of Linx Roleplay /


Serious Roleplay

Streamer Friendly

Friendly Community

Player Owned Businesses

Active Staff

Active Police & EMS

Legal Jobs

Various Robberies


Great place, would recommend.


Some photos of our emergency vehicles in the city

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Amazing place, High recommend checking them out


Ever wanted to be a taxi driver. We have these 4 cars to choose from.

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Awesome place to hang out and enjoy some roleplay!

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A very nice place. Its super chill not toxic and lots of fun


Patch Notes 16/05/24

:game_die:You can now /roll up to 3 d20

:gun:Weapons no longer drop on death, this will stop all of the missing weapons that go into the void. While this is a part of RP, you can still rob people when they’re down/dead to confiscate weapons.

:soccer:You can now purchase throwable sports balls at the leisure shop. ( Football, basketball, baseball, and soccer ball )

:policeman:Chance to alert police when dismantling cars has been significantly reduced.

:fire:Firefighters and doc can now join restricted radio channels 1-10

:dog2:Pets are now available in Paleto at Paleto pets. They can reduce stress, help hunt, and just be your friend. But they need to be cared for. Make sure you feed and water them with the supplies at the pet store.

:moneybag:Increased payout from doing car heists at the docks and reduced required cops amount from 2 → 1.

:rotating_light:Fixed Police K9’S they are now able to search, follow and attack.

:hammer:Added crafting tables.

:helicopter:Helipad at MRPD now able to spawn pd copters.

:police_car: You can now break out of cuffs with a minigame.

:zap: Added Camera shake when being tased.

:kick_scooter:Rentable Electric Scooters.

Fire have just had their fleet updated. Fire and ems are hiring!

DOC opened and opening DOJ!