Citizenship Exam - Protect your server from trolls


Protect your server from trolls!

  • Players must complete the configurable exam to play, they only have to do this once and it saves permanently in the database.
  • Exploit protection
  • Supports ESX and QBCore
  • Extremely customizable
  • Seamless integration into any server

Preview: Click Here
Documentation: Click Here
Download: Click Here




love it thank you bro

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Seriously, you are a creative person. I have been searching for a script like this for a long time

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Really good idea ! Thx you !

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How well does this work when creating a new character? I see you joined as an already made character but there’s no showcase of a newly created character going through the process.

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This is genius, well done :+1:.

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Reviewing the code, I found an error. If you select all the options when choosing, it will be considered correct.

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It works the same way you saw during the video. Once your character is created it will Teleport you there. We will be updating it today for it to support it once u leave your apartment (If you use them).


We will be updating it today, Thank you for the heads up.

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Has the update been completed?

Amazing job. Well done!

may you add something like this everytime someone new makes the exam questions are in different order, because someone can write them up and then share


So this will not delete anyone that is all ready in city they will just have to complete this script right

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Where are you ?

what do you mean where are you Yes I can, I will update this resource today! :slight_smile:

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stevo_citizenship 1.2.0

  • Fixed known Exploits & issues
  • Added randomized question order
  • Implemented stevo_lib integration (Now Qbox, ox & QB target integration)
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You are creative, keep it up :heart::heart::heart::heart: