CitizenMP.Server|Could not open the configuration file citmp-server.yml

I have this error when I start FiveM on my VPS, i have moved all files in bin, i use mono, i have set 777 for all files, and server has worked once but after doesnt work (I use Ubuntu 16.04)

2017-04-19 14:15:51.6300|FATAL|CitizenMP.Server|Could not open the configuration file citmp-server.yml.

Have you an idea ? thanks

It’s work after vps restart but i have that now : ERROR_WINHTTP_INVALID_SERVER_RESPONSE

Did you manage to fix it?
Im running in to this problem right now :expressionless:

I have reinstall my VPS and it’s work

damnit, i can’t do that, i have to many other servers and software on it