CitizenFX.log.1 Problem

GTA V version? =
Up to date? = yes i think so
Legit or Pirate copy? = Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club? = Steam - Account link for verification. Link:
Windows version 8.1
Error screenshot = Link:
GTA V folder screenshot = Link:
CitizinFX.log Link:
.dmp files = Could not find them

What is happening is i have just downloaded five reborn. Now when i double click to launch it does nothing and just adds a file named “CitizenFX.log.1”. So then i thought i may have been a bug some how, so i tried again and it added “CitizenFX.log.2”. I looked in to it it seems no one else is having the exact same issue. thought maybe you guys could help.

The problem is?

it will not launch

thats my .dmp files

You fix it yet. Im having the same problem

Never mind, I fixed it. Try turning any anti-virus off.